Push Back

Cart Push Back

The Interroll Cart Pushback system is designed for storing pallets and containers in LIFO configuration, where the last pallet loaded is the first available at the picking face. 
Pallets are stored in the direction of the closed side (runners perpendicular to the lane, i.e. 1,200mm at the picking face in the case of the Euro pallet. 

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Interroll Cart Pushback LIFO

Thanks to its new design, the Interroll Cart Pushback system is even easier to use. During loading, the pallet to be loaded pushes any other pallets already stored in the lane towards the back. Pallets are loaded on heavy-duty carts equipped with wheels, allowing the storage of any kind of container. The forklift truck driver does not need to enter the storage lanes.

Cart Pushback: high performance in LIFO storage configuration 

Push Back Racking

  • High storage capacity
  • Standard installation – compatible with all racking in the world
  • Efficient handling – indicator for empty pallet spaces
  • Space saving – 30% more compact than conventional racking
  • Higher throughput – more than 25% faster than Drive-In
  • Improved safety – no need to enter the storage lane
  • No energy consumption – inclined wheel tracks with a slope of 3%
  • Profitable – average return on investment in less than three years

Designed to satisfy your expectations 


  • High storage capacity – 1,400 kg per pallet space. Possibility of stocking up to 6 pallets in the same lane.
  • Compact design for more storage levels
  • Robust design – for heavy-duty use
  • Compatible with Euro, GKN Chep, Australian and Asian pallets as well as any type of low-quality pallets and containers
  • Premium quality carts and tracks – powder coating
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Tracks and carts designed and tested using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) calculations
Push Back Racking