Storax SP55 Longspan

Storax SP55 Longspan is a hand-loaded shelving system that is easily adjusted and offers a wide range of options to meet virtually every storage need, whether you need a single bay of shelving, or a complex two-tier or an order picking solution.

SP80 Pallet Racking

Storax SP80 pallet racking

Storax SP80 pallet racking provides efficient storage for pallets of all types and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications. With a full range of accessories available, it is also ideally suited for storing bulk loads and irregular-shaped items and can be used with all designs and makes of fork lift trucks and mechanical handling equipment.

Storax SP80 Drive-In

Storax manufacture 2 versatile, high-density variants of Drive-in and Drive-through racking for ‘first-in, last-out’ applications. The storage density greatly reduces the floor area required and can produce significant savings on associated running costs such as heating, lighting, rent and rates.

High Density Pallet Racking

Storax High-Density Storage

As you might expect from one of Europe’s largest storage equipment manufacturers, the Storax range of products is not just limited to adjustable pallet racking and hand loaded shelving. The Ramada-Storax Group manufactures a full range of products designed to....

Pallet Racking Protection

Protec Rack Protection

Storax Protec provides versatile, cost-effective protection when racking and shelving is at risk of damage by mechanical handling equipment. As well as reducing downtime and replacement costs, the standard RAL2009 ‘traffic orange’ finish can increase.....

DX Slotted Angle

DX Slotted Angle

Slotted Angle launched the modern storage products industry over 70 years ago, and remains a firm favourite today! Storax DX Slotted Angle is simple to use, strong and versatile. It is quickly and easily cut to size and bolts together to form frameworks which can be readily modified, dismantled and repeatedly re-used.

IM50 bolt free Shelving

IM50 Bolt-free Shelving

Storax IM50 is a hand-loaded, bolt-free shelving system which remains as popular today as it was when it was launched in the 1970’s. With open or clad configurations and 2 popular colour options, IM50 is ideal, whether you need a simple bay of shelving, a complex two-tier or a high-rise order picking solution.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Storax Cantilever racking provides bespoke storage for materials of all shapes and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications. It is particularly suitable for the storage of long, bulky and irregular-shaped items that can’t be palletised. It can be used with all designs and makes of fork lift trucks and handling equipment.

Storax Ranger

Storax Ranger is an ultra-high-density pallet storage system. It carries the European CE mark, which confirms that it complies with all relevant EU legislation. Ranger is designed around the use of one or more intelligent shuttles that are controlled by RF (Radio Frequency) or WIFI communications that interface with programmable software and provide the shuttle with its instructions.

Small Parts Storage

Small Parts Storage

This comprehensive range of highly adaptable products is specifically designed to bring order to the storage of small parts. Products include Plastic Drawer Units, Containers, Louvred Panels and Feeder Trolleys. Anything from screws, springs, nuts and bolts to small tools and components can be stored neatly, securely and logically for fast, easy stock rotation.

Imperial Lockers

Imperial Lockers

Any workplace - even those with only small number of staff - can be enhanced by the addition of a well-organised and equipped locker room or staff changing area.